Maintenance & repairs

Need new strings, yearly maintenance, repairs, new electronics, or amplifier repair? No problem at all, and in most cases you’ll get your guitar or amp back within days.

String replacement / maintenance

(materials/parts excluded)

Description Rate
String replacement electric / acoustic guitar
String replacement 12-string guitar
Basic maintenance: fretboard cleaning & oiling / fret polishing / body cleaning / overall check-up / string replacement

Pro setup

(materials/parts excluded)

Description Rate
Classical guitar
Western guitar
12-String guitar
Electric guitar / fixed bridge
Electric guitar / tremolo bridge
Fret leveling

Pro setup:

remove old strings
remove dust & dirt
body cleaning 
tuning machines checkup / lubricate / adjustment
fret polishing
fretboard cleaning & oiling
overall checkup
string replacement
trussrod adjustment
checkup/cleaning electronics
checkup/adjustment nut & bridge(saddles)
playthrough to ensure perfect playability 



nut replacement
potentiometer replacement
(toggle) switch replacement
tuning machine replacement
jack output replacement
installment pickups acoustic & electric guitars

please ask for other other options & prices

repair rate per 15 minutes, with a minimum of